Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This year's love...

Hello, hello, hello!!!  I've fallen a little behind on my pictures, so I need to catch up!  If you don't want to see a lot of pictures, you might want to pass on this post.  But hopefully you're going to stick around and possibly let me know you've stopped by!!!

a work in progress...trying to get these brows perfect!!  i am dying to have a killer arch, but trying to find a happy medium for nursing school!!!
the story of my life...never enough gas....and gas just keeps getting more expensive ($3.61 a gallon right now!)
my new favorite mom calls them my Texas jeans..they go perfect with cowboy boots :)
date night in with the hubs...we love to make pallet in front of the tv, have dinner, and watch a movie
loved this birchbox...the eyeliner is the best...not a huge fan of the lunabar...bleh
yellow??  my MAC lover...liza is the best 
its a beautiful day in the neighborhood....unusually warm here in flordia
finally got the side table in love love them :)  now i just need some new lamps
i want one of these sooo bad when we buy a house!!!
a beautiful drive to south wouldn't believe the adventure that was in store...another blog post in itself
studying in the back seat while the boys chit-chat up front
what i get to look at every day :) so in love
my husbands idea of staying awake....YUCK!
I'm still quite a bit behind, but this is better than nothing!  I have a few posts up my sleeve and they should be rolling out this week.  But while I'm writing, tell me what you have been up to!  How have you been spending your new year?  What are your plans for Valentine's Day??

Until then....

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